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Romeo sat cross-legged on his bed, still dressed in the loose pants and t-shirt he had slept in. His laptop was open in front of him, and he kept toggling between an email he was trying to write to Benvolio ) and sites advertising spring break deals in Miami.

He wasn't sure he would want to stay in the kind of hotel that advertised beer pong as an activity, even if it was only $49 a night.

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Romeo knew Benvolio did not actually want to hear from him; he had been told as much, in as few words as his onetime dearest cousin could manage, because Benvolio knew that more words would give Romeo more room to charm him into forgiveness.

Yet with two days of Fandom behind him, Romeo had to reach out to someone who knew him from back home.

Email time! )

The letter sent, most likely to remain unread, Romeo settled back on his bed and stared at the glow-in-the-dark constellations he had arranged on the ceiling above. It was a childish touch, yet one he took a measure of delight in.

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