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"This is Romeo. If thou art a friend, my one wish is that this machine should capture your voice, so we might talk ere long; if thou art not, kindly leave me in peace."


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Romeo was getting married.

Romeo was getting married, and maybe it wasn't the first time but it was the first time he understood what he was doing.

Perhaps that was why it was the first time he'd been nervous.

He paced around the spot on the beach that would be their chapel in his bare feet and wedding suit, occasionally pausing to make small talk with Balthasar or Miho or the priest. His mind wasn't in it; all he wanted was his Yurika.

And then their lives could start.

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Romeo had no idea where they'd come from. It just seemed as if as soon as he and Yurika were engaged, bridal magazines started taking over every surface in the apartment. They were fat, pink and white, full of flowers and dresses and frilly things that were, apparently, entirely necessary for a marriage to count, even though Romeo had never heard of them.

He had only bought three of the magazines. Perhaps four.

Still, silly as they were it was hard not to read them. He'd set aside the volume of Eliot he'd been hoping to draw from for his next class and dove into the world of bridesmaids dresses and RSVPs, trying very hard to take it seriously. He wasn't sure how any wedding could make both of their families happy -- let alone their friends from Fandom -- but he was determined that they try.

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Romeo was in his office today, going through a thick volume of heroic poetry to select precisely the right ones to use with his students.

And then Romeo was a puma cub, worrying at the volume of poetry until he reduced it to mangled pulp.

That task complete, he stalked off into the hall to terrify any litter or vermin -- and maybe find a nice lady who might give him a treat.

[OOC: Establishy! Romeo, of course, is the poetry puma.]
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Romeo had an office. Forget being in front of a class: The office piece of teaching was the part that was almost too strange to be believed.

He was in it today, tacking Impressionist prints to the walls and shelving and reshelving the books he'd brought along. Eventually he'd start going through his books trying to find some poems that might be worth discussing in the class.

... or maybe he'd just spin in the chair, and pretend to be mature.

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The cat was going to get fat if Romeo kept feeding it this often.

There was, it seemed, little else he could do.

He'd given Yurika two days before he went looking. But there was nothing. The police weren't letting anyone into the building where STN-J had its offices. Even the host at the bar where Yurika and her coworkers usually relaxed was gently but firmly refusing to give any more information than what was on Yurika's notes.

Variations on still alive, will call when I can got less comforting, a week in.

He'd tried to force his way into her office, but that only got him a stern threat of jail time from an officer who sounded like he meant what he said, and had the back-up to support him. And while Romeo didn't know where Yurika was, he was almost certain he wouldn't find her in the Tokyo prison system.

So Romeo Montague -- coward -- waited, and failed an exam, and fed the cat, and prayed. And then he waited some more.

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So Gnomeo had promised not to leave Dojima. He meant it, too, and he spent Saturday reasonably happy as he rode about in her handbag.

But then he heard something on the radio about Juliet cheering on a squirrel race, and, well, he couldn't be blamed for deciding to escape and go find her after that. He was positive it was the right Juliet as soon as the broadcast called her adorable.

It took most of the day, and he almost got run over by a rickshaw twice and had to fend off a cat with a broken broomstick once, but in the end, he made it to the school gardens and spotted her. His Juliet. He approached her softly, calling her name, and she was beaming as she turned to him.

"I found you," he said.

"I wasn't lost," she teased, and reached for a hug. "I wasn't sure if you were here."

"I am," he said, folding her into his arms. "And now everything is all right again."

And it was.

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Gnomeo had never woken up inside a house before! This was incredibly exciting, even if he was a little perplexed that he couldn't remember exactly how he'd gotten here.

He eyed the human in the bed to make sure she was soundly asleep before noiselessly climbing down the sheet to the floor. He'd need to find his way back to the garden soon (and hopefully before anyone realized he was missing), but right now the room was his.

He'd start by tracking down something to eat. There were some brightly colored plastic packages on top of a counter that looked promising...

Yurika whined at the sound of someone shuffling around and pulled the pillow over her head... )

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So Romeo had a cold.

Which would not have been so bad, except Romeo felt as if he'd had a cold since, roughly, coming back from Verona after the New Year. It would ebb and flow, symptoms going like the tides before coming back -- again like the tides.

He'd taken to spending a lot of time in the bathtub. The hot water and steam seemed to help the cough more than anything else; it was also the warmest place in the apartment.

And, Romeo being Romeo, he generally had a pad of paper at his side during these lingering baths. Today, he was scrawling out a sonnet to cough syrup as he lolled in the tub.

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Romeo's life had mostly been proceeding normally since the world was remembered back into existence. He went to Verona Beach for Christmas and a few days after, and was quickly swept into a round of classes almost before he'd caught his breath from that.

But this week, he'd paused while writing his name and the date on a paper and realized something -- four years had passed since he'd met Yurika.

That was extraordinary. He wasn't entirely sure where the years had all gone, but his poet's soul was he was glad they'd been spent with her. And now he had to plan something special for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

[OOC: Yeah, I missed the fake anniversary by two days, oh well. For Dojima or anybody else who wants to bother a Shakespearean.]
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Things had gotten worse, and quickly, since Romeo and Dojima had the time to chat on Twitter a mere day before. In the end, it had come down to the two of them. The other Hunters had forgotten the missing the moment they had removed their Orbo pendants and the malicious magic of the Nothing had eased into their minds and taken their memories before taking their existence. Now there were two. Romeo and his Yurika -- his lily -- both with guns drawn, attempting to hold the line between the encroaching darkness and the fleeing citizens of Tokyo.

We defy you, stars. )

But a kiss was a better epitaph for the two of them than poetry or prose, and Yurika reached up to wrap her arms around him and match him, passion-for-passion. Fuck you, end of the world. She had something better to do.

They had not broken their last embrace as the black swept over them, ending all the poetry and prose and everything else that had filled their days.

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Romeo and Dojima had skipped Homecoming this year. He had a paper due, she had work, and it hardly seemed worth the trip when so few of their friends seemed likely to make it. They'd get back to Fandom some other time.

Of course, the Nothing didn't especially care about their travel plans. It dipped its fingers down, brushing them against Verona Beach before whispering away again for now. As it happened, it arrived on a day when Romeo checked in with his cousin.

He got off the phone.... )

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Romeo stumbled in from a long, late dinner with some college friends and flopped onto the couch with his eyes closed. The week had been unusually tiring, and the sake and beer with dinner had not helped. He didn't mind his classwork itself, but there were times he'd give his eyeteeth not to be surrounded by business students all of the time.

Of course that was when his phone rang. Romeo glanced at it: Benvolio.

Well, speaking Verona would be a balm to his soul after three hours of Japanese only lightly sprinkled in English. He took the call, though his initial greetings were a bit wary.

Romeo's mood was much improved when he hung up. "I'm to be an uncle," he told Alea. (Okay, technically a cousin once removed, but Romeo saw no reason to quibble over such things. The important part was that Benvolio and Rosaline were having a child.)

The cat ... was not impressed.

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Four years.

It had been four years since Romeo met Juliet Capulet, and here he was. Still alive, still much more well than he deserved. The girl who had been his wife was fading in his memory, and he wished some part of him didn't see that as a good thing.

He didn't often go to Mass in Japan, but if there were ever a reason for it, this anniversary would serve. The ancient words, the rhythm of it, the incense -- all of it comforted him.

On his way out, he lit two candles: one for Juliet, one for Mercutio.

He hoped somewhere, they had forgiven him.

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"What are you doing here?"

Romeo would have been faster to answer the question if he'd known where here was. It was a bedroom, and one that was no doubt lovely when it wasn't in a shambles. But it was in a shambles now -- bedclothes tossed everywhere, strawberries spilling from an overturned table, debris and glass on the floor. He turned away from the mess to see who addressed him. The slender brunette bore no less hostility in her eyes than anyone else here, but she was the first to speak to him.

He shook his head. "I know not. My name is -"

"Idiot. I know who you are," the woman -- Mal -- claimed. "But why are you here like this? You're a boy." She came toward Romeo before he could answer, something almost hypnotic in her slow walk. "Do you still know what it is to be a lover? To be half of a whole?"

"Since I was sixteen, I've not been anything else," Romeo answered. It was possible he'd spent the last four years waiting for someone to ask him that question. "Aye. I know. Too well."

"Then you might guess my riddle," Mal said, and lightly touched his chest. "You're waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don't know for sure. But... it doesn't matter. How can it not matter to you where that train will take you?"

Romeo seldom heard his own voice from outside his head, and the man who spoke next stayed obscured and unrecognizable in shadows. Otherwise, he would have had more to think about than the riddle.

"Because you'll be together."

"Because you'll be together," Romeo repeated eagerly, thinking it a rather beautiful answer -- and was completely ignored by the couple as a slight, dark-haired girl entered the room and Mal's questioning began anew.

As for Romeo, he was taking a miraculously unbroken bottle of champagne and going off to look for Jim.

[OOC: Bits borrowed from Inception. For the other dreamverse hitchhiker, should he want!]
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At first, Romeo wasn't aware that anything was wrong when he came to awareness up on Saturday. It was a hotel bar -- he could tell that from the airy architecture, from the people in suits coming and going -- and those were not precisely foreign territory.

Though it was a bit odd that the few people whose eyes lit on him seemed to glare.

"Red wine," he requested from the bartender, then turned to survey the room more fully with his glass in hand. He was almost certain he was here to meet someone, even if he couldn't remember who.

Enter Jim Hawkins )

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Romeo was not precisely alarmed when he woke up, stretched out an arm for a lazy caress, and was rewarded with only an armful of sheets where his girlfriend should be. Sometimes she woke up early; sometimes she got called into work on weekends. Either way, it meant only that he'd have to get out of bed to figure things out.

The mound of pillows in the living room, however, was a bit of a surprise, and Romeo stood there blinking at it for a long moment.


He didn't find exactly who he was expecting... )

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This wasn't quite Hawaii -- it wasn't even Verona -- but all the same, Romeo was on the beach today. The waves and sand soothed him, even if it was still chilly enough that he had to keep his hooded sweatshirt firmly zipped.

He'd come in hopes being near the water would jar loose some words for a poetry class, but writing was still coming slowly. Still, he had faith that inspiration would strike. For now, he had sand to dribble through his fingers and the whole ocean to watch. He was content.

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Veteran's Day wasn't a holiday in Japan -- and neither, despite his wishes to the contrary, was Romeo's 20th birthday. The result was that he had to sit through a dismal economic theory lecture, and a slightly less dismal hour discussing the history of Enlightenment philosophy.

He came home to find a large box from Verona, and ripped into it to find a handsome suit with a note from his father referring him to a tailor a few wards over. Benvolio, for his part, had tucked in a miniature billiards game and a bottle of good wine.

Romeo shucked his coat and modeled the new jacket in front of the mirror, reflecting that this wasn't a bad way to start his third decade.

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