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The weekend had been kind to young master Montague. There had been mud fights and muffins and even two birthday parties. And, when it got quite terribly late -- 9 o'clock at least -- he drifted back to his room with Yurika by the hand. They watched cartoons until they fell asleep on the bed like a pair of puppies, TV still droning away.

When Romeo first woke up on Monday, it took him a moment to feel as if anything beyond gratitude to be his proper size again, followed by annoyance at the grit of mud behind his ears and in other places his five-year-old self had forgotten to wash. He'd seen that shock of blonde hair in the morning many times.

Then he realized he hadn't so much, lately. Drawing away to get a better look, he held his breath. He was going to savor these moments until she (perhaps inevitably, he thought) made her excuses and left him alone again -- or at least tried to.

[OOC: For the taller and modded-with-permission birthday princess. Also, he's very unlikely to get around to opening Pixie Dust today -- drop me an email if you have a desperate need to shop there and we'll work something out. Also, going NWS because reunion sex is awesome.]
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Romeo was very pleased with himself as he dressed in his jammies and climbed into bed. After arguing over the pillow with Yurika, the weekend had been AWESOME. Saturday, he had played good guys and bad guys with Sky, Brooke and Ino, gotten cereal from Peter Petrelli, gone to a slumber party before sneaking out and having pizza with a superhero, and talked about evil food with Mel.

And then Sunday he had met Mr. Tennant in town (and the play he was putting on sounded COOL) and played Legos and heard a dirty joke in Host club. Then Master Skywalker helped him FLY.

He had to ask Father to become a Jedi.

Also to buy him another gun to give Reno for good. Reno was the BEST.

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