Feb. 7th, 2009

withoutverona: ([AU] Luke is too young to be hot)
It wasn't like Luke Brower was actually surprised when he woke up in a room he didn't recognize. Sure, the Seavers seemed like really cool people, but he wasn't the first foster kid to think he had a good thing going right until he got the "this isn't working out" speech. Maybe they had just skipped the speech and gone right to taking him to the new place. And, hey, it saved him saying goodbye. He wasn't going to bother getting mad.

Besides, the new room was way awesome. The bed was huge and soft, and while the room was full of somebody else's stuff, the other person seemed to have taken off. Luke showered -- fancy soap in the bathroom -- and yanked on a pair of khakis that were only a little too big and a long-sleeved t-shirt before he headed out to find food and somebody who could tell him where the Seavers had dumped him.

[OOC: 'Stablishy, though you can catch him here if you really want. He is Luke Brower from Growing Pains. Leo was 16-17 and looked about 13 when he played the part, so the effect is very "Romeo's little brother."]


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