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After class and a nice, long "pillow playdate" with Yurika, Romeo was finally back in his room for the first time since Friday morning.

He downloaded the radio podcasts and listened to them as he unpacked his suitcase, frowning a little. He wished even more that had been home to try to help, somehow. Yurika had been right that he wouldn't know what to do against a spirit, but he could have tried.

[OOC: Door open.]
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For some strange reason, this club had large clocks mounted where the mirrors should be over the sinks in the men's room.

For a stranger reason, Romeo actually looked at one long enough to read the time. Time hadn't mattered much, not after the stress of their first dinner with Yurika's parents (and the long, awful waiting afterwards while she and her father fought just within earshot, until she reappeared, wearing a distinctly brittle smile). There'd been odd news from home, of course, but she had promised him Tokyo did not sleep, and so neither did they. Distraction seemed the best they could do in the absence of ghosts or gods to fight.

So when he saw the clock, it took some time for his poor brain, which was half drunk and half hungover, to make the connection to anything he had to do, but when he did he dashed back to the bar to find his girlfriend.

"When did you say we were to find our portal home?" he demanded.
Dōjima blinked at him blearily... )

[OOC: Preplayed with the lovely and amazing [livejournal.com profile] dojima_hime. NFB due to location.]


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