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The weekend had been kind to young master Montague. There had been mud fights and muffins and even two birthday parties. And, when it got quite terribly late -- 9 o'clock at least -- he drifted back to his room with Yurika by the hand. They watched cartoons until they fell asleep on the bed like a pair of puppies, TV still droning away.

When Romeo first woke up on Monday, it took him a moment to feel as if anything beyond gratitude to be his proper size again, followed by annoyance at the grit of mud behind his ears and in other places his five-year-old self had forgotten to wash. He'd seen that shock of blonde hair in the morning many times.

Then he realized he hadn't so much, lately. Drawing away to get a better look, he held his breath. He was going to savor these moments until she (perhaps inevitably, he thought) made her excuses and left him alone again -- or at least tried to.

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After talking to Edward and fighting a whale in management class, Romeo went back to his room to lounge on his bed with his Japanese notebook.

He was trying very hard not to think about ... well, about anything he and Edward had spoken of. It had been an unsettling conversation.

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Romeo hated words today.

Actually, Romeo hated a lot of things. Graduation. His utter feeling of impotence in light of Reno's choices. Having lost his Super Bowl bet. But the main thing he was hating, right then, was words. They seemed to just create traps for him, and he hated them with the intensity of a spurned lover.

So he was going to try to find Yurika after Heroing, and not use any words for a while. He tapped impatiently on her door.

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Romeo lay on his bunk, staring at the ceiling as he contemplated what had happened the day before.

It was sudden, and probably Yurika and Rikku were right that it was a bad idea. But he could not deny he had meant what he had asked, even as some tiny part of him was grateful to be turned down. He just hoped it would not come at the cost of Yurika's life, or what freedom she had.

He was not, however, grateful the whole mess had made radio, and hoped Yurika had forgotten to listen.

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Predictably enough, the gore in Titus Andronicus had left Romeo almost completely unable to sleep the night before.

However, he was young and he was resilient, and so he spent much of his free day making up for that deficiency. And if eventually he had company, and that company offered more pleasant diversions than mere sleep, what of it?

He snuggled closer to the girl, sleepily smiling and on the verge of drifting off again.

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Romeo had skipped the trip to Normandy; he figured having gone there the weekend before was enough travel, really.

Besides, there were certain advantages to days when many fellow students were off the island -- advantages like being able to invite your beloved into your alcove without feeling like you were all but onstage.

Which was why he looked distinctly satisfied as he sat on his bed, fingering an odd little necklace he'd found under the cabin couch and waiting for the Dojima.

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As he spread out his blanket, Romeo was grateful that habit compelled him to often take his thoughts to the beach. It meant he'd easily remembered this quiet nook, a perfect place for a picnic.

He took a seat and glanced down the beach, smoothing his hair into place again and trying not to fidget. He knew Yurika would be along soon.
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After Round 10 of I Never -- a game he was, again, swearing he would never play again -- Romeo lead Yurika into the hotel room bathroom.

It was far from the setting he had imagined for this, but it was nearby, and he wasn't sure he trusted his slightly drunken legs to carry him much further. And at least there would be people to intervene if she tried to kill him.

"I meant to tell you," he began, without preamble, leaning against the cool tile.


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