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The water was colder than it ever was in Verona, but there was still an ocean in Fandom and it felt right for Romeo and Mercutio to end up beside it. If Romeo squinted just right, he could almost pretend he was back in Verona and 16 again, enjoying the last simple days he'd ever know.

He'd called Reno, of course. It only felt right for Reno and Mercutio to meet, even if he was going to have to translate every other sentence they exchanged. He assumed it would turn into jokes at his expense sooner or later; he was just grateful they'd have the chance.

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Romeo's nineteenth birthday started with a package from his father containing a collection of Lord Byron's works, a dagger that was about twice as elaborate as anything Romeo had any business carrying, and a letter that suggested -- in a polite, backhanded, and elaborate way -- that Romeo was missed and should make it his business to visit Verona sooner rather than later.

There was also a large box of chocolates. They were good. Romeo ate the caramels as his breakfast. He should have been reading about the equilibrium point in supply and demand, but that kept turning into perusal of the poetry. Really, the poetry struck him as more relevant.

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Romeo wasn't a girl anymore, and Monday meant that Yurika's need to at least put in a guest appearance at her office put an end to their Romeo-isn't-a-girl-anymore celebrations.

So he'd gotten out of bed, gone to the bookstore to get his textbooks, stopped at a noodle bar for lunch, and was now back home. There was nothing on television except a cartoon about pixies who solved teenager's romantic problems, and that was a little sappy even for Romeo. He turned the TV off and started copying kanji out of his beginner's penmanship book.

He had lovely handwriting when he was writing English. The problem was getting that to carry over.

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Romeo had, it was true, said several times yesterday that he wouldn't go looking for a fight.

And he wasn't. Honest. But it was a rainy day, and there was a particular and rather inaccessible corner of the beach that he liked especially well when he was trying to write. He couldn't imagine many zombies would be out yet; if they were, he was armed.

Sitting on a rock, he stared moodily into the ocean and thought about death that was not death.

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Romeo dreamed of Juliet often. Sometimes she kissed him tenderly. Sometimes she slapped his face. Always he awakened from these dreams with a melancholy settled over him.

When he first woke up Monday, then, he thought he'd had an unusually long and vivid version of such a dream.

Nay, that wasn't so, he knew, as soon as he sat up. He wouldn't feel so sick were it only a dream. And, distracted by his own life, he'd not heard radio or noticed the other oddities around town.

The truth to him, then, was simple: He'd broken Juliet's heart. She'd come back, against so many odds and across so many months, and he'd been unable to offer her the love he had once promised.

He wasn't leaving his bed.

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Note duly passed and ghost presumably defeated, Romeo quickly left hunting class and waited in the hall for Yurika.

He was still confused -- confused, with anger flashing under the surface like lava. But he'd talked to other people so much it felt like it was time to give Yurika herself a turn.

And so, he waited, and hoped she wouldn't hurry past.
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Romeo was sprawled on his bed writing in his poetry journal, and wondering if bunnies could read.

Of course, the bunny his girlfriend had become had chomped through half a bag of pretzels, curled up in a little shoebox nest he had made for her and gone to sleep, so the point was moot. But it was still something to ponder.

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After class and a nice, long "pillow playdate" with Yurika, Romeo was finally back in his room for the first time since Friday morning.

He downloaded the radio podcasts and listened to them as he unpacked his suitcase, frowning a little. He wished even more that had been home to try to help, somehow. Yurika had been right that he wouldn't know what to do against a spirit, but he could have tried.

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After saying goodbye to Mel and finishing his shift at work, Romeo hurried across the causeway onto Santorini. He had late dinner plans he didn't want to miss.

He ordered an ouzo with raspberry syrup and lemonade.

It was good.

He ordered a second, and was about to start on his third as he surveyed the crowd.

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Romeo probably should have been sleeping in. After all, he didn't have to go to detention this week (and the king-quest-newt thing was still weird, no matter how he thought about it).

But for no particular reason he was up early, reflecting on his week as he flipped through a certain notebook. He'd spent some quality time with Yurika, helped dress Rikku twice (in a not-dirty way), gotten killed at paintball, discussed ladies and tigers in ethics class, and encountered (and mocked, and danced with) girls-who-were-boys.

He was glad, too, that things seemed to be going better for certain friends.

Most of the vocabulary in the notebook, like that in the book he'd found at the library, struck Romeo as useful but boring, but he smiled when he found one phrase and read it aloud slowly. "Kimite hontoni kirei dane."

Starting with compliments never hurt.

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Romeo was very pleased with himself as he dressed in his jammies and climbed into bed. After arguing over the pillow with Yurika, the weekend had been AWESOME. Saturday, he had played good guys and bad guys with Sky, Brooke and Ino, gotten cereal from Peter Petrelli, gone to a slumber party before sneaking out and having pizza with a superhero, and talked about evil food with Mel.

And then Sunday he had met Mr. Tennant in town (and the play he was putting on sounded COOL) and played Legos and heard a dirty joke in Host club. Then Master Skywalker helped him FLY.

He had to ask Father to become a Jedi.

Also to buy him another gun to give Reno for good. Reno was the BEST.

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Romeo had washed his face all but raw, but there remained a blue coating over the pink flesh. Finally giving up, he tossed his washcloth to moulder in the pile of laundry and took a seat on his bed, absently sipping from a mug of coffee (no tea, thanks, possibly ever) as he thought over his wonderful-horrible last week.

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