May. 4th, 2012

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The cat was going to get fat if Romeo kept feeding it this often.

There was, it seemed, little else he could do.

He'd given Yurika two days before he went looking. But there was nothing. The police weren't letting anyone into the building where STN-J had its offices. Even the host at the bar where Yurika and her coworkers usually relaxed was gently but firmly refusing to give any more information than what was on Yurika's notes.

Variations on still alive, will call when I can got less comforting, a week in.

He'd tried to force his way into her office, but that only got him a stern threat of jail time from an officer who sounded like he meant what he said, and had the back-up to support him. And while Romeo didn't know where Yurika was, he was almost certain he wouldn't find her in the Tokyo prison system.

So Romeo Montague -- coward -- waited, and failed an exam, and fed the cat, and prayed. And then he waited some more.

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