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Romeo had plead a headache to stay home from Cal's party the night before, and Yurika had been too excited to do more than a little concerned clucking before heading off for ice cream. But in truth, he had been busy with some private preparations for the morning. It was, after all, a rather important day.

Once he woke up, he slid out of bed taking care not to dislodge Yurika from where she lay, still asleep. He kept things simple; an enormous fan of blood-red roses in the bed beside her, fresh orange juice and champagne for mimosas, chocolate croissants from J,GOB's, and coffee bubbling away. Finally, Romeo put a folder of some papers on the bed beside her.

And then there was nothing to do but watch her sleep and hope she woke up before impatience killed him.

[OOC: For one. Dojima modded with permission.]
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Note duly passed and ghost presumably defeated, Romeo quickly left hunting class and waited in the hall for Yurika.

He was still confused -- confused, with anger flashing under the surface like lava. But he'd talked to other people so much it felt like it was time to give Yurika herself a turn.

And so, he waited, and hoped she wouldn't hurry past.


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