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Romeo was running late as usual when he packed to go home for Christmas. He grabbed a handful of shirts from the drawer where he kept his wedding ring, then frowned at the exposed silver circlet. He hadn't even looked at it in months, and now he picked it up, rubbing it between his thumb and a forefinger.

It slipped to the ground.

I dreamt a dream tonight )

The ring rolled across the floor, thudding to a stop next to Romeo's boot. He picked it up again and promptly stashed it back in the drawer, not sure what to make of such a reverie.

It was best, perhaps, not to tell Yurika.

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Romeo dreamed of Juliet often. Sometimes she kissed him tenderly. Sometimes she slapped his face. Always he awakened from these dreams with a melancholy settled over him.

When he first woke up Monday, then, he thought he'd had an unusually long and vivid version of such a dream.

Nay, that wasn't so, he knew, as soon as he sat up. He wouldn't feel so sick were it only a dream. And, distracted by his own life, he'd not heard radio or noticed the other oddities around town.

The truth to him, then, was simple: He'd broken Juliet's heart. She'd come back, against so many odds and across so many months, and he'd been unable to offer her the love he had once promised.

He wasn't leaving his bed.

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It was a quiet Friday morning, or so it seemed to Romeo, despite the nagging concern of the new neighboring island. He had his iPod on and his shirt sleeves rolled to enjoy the late-summer sun, and he attempted to relax into what he hoped would be as peaceful a weekend as possible despite the scheduled tournament.

In which Romeo encounters a ghost better left in the grave. )

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As a rule, Romeo did not notice dates, days, the endless passage of time. He knew Yurika's birthday because it was the Ides of March, his own because it was his, and registered his class and work schedule well enough to show up, mostly more or less on time.

He knew, though, that it had been the middle of July, a year before, when he met and wed Juliet, and it was mid-July again. Another hot day, too, although it found him in a city not his own, on the shores of a stranger sea.

Pondering all of this, he pulled out his long-neglected journal and picked up a pen. He wasn't sure what to write, only that he needed to.

[OOC: Door closed but knockable, and of course open to Teyla. Phone call thread is first chronologically. And, because I am a geek -- intersecting Juliet's canon birthday with Romeo's FH timeframe dictates he met her July 15, 2007. His wedding anniversary would be July 16, she died (and he attempted suicide) July 19. My Shakespearean will be emo this week even by his standards.]
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Some people get to live long lives.

Some don't.

Even with an extra hundred years, Romeo did not.

It wasn't a bad life, though, nor one that made him more unhappy than he would have made himself anywhere. It ended on a battlefield somewhere in Europe, on March 15, 1918.

Romeo was either 36, or 72 years from being born.

He wasn't supposed to be armed ... )

[OOC: And the ironic thing is his birthday is armistice day. NFB, NFI, OOC = pie, my apologies for the spammage.]
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After Round 10 of I Never -- a game he was, again, swearing he would never play again -- Romeo lead Yurika into the hotel room bathroom.

It was far from the setting he had imagined for this, but it was nearby, and he wasn't sure he trusted his slightly drunken legs to carry him much further. And at least there would be people to intervene if she tried to kill him.

"I meant to tell you," he began, without preamble, leaning against the cool tile.


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