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The nice thing about living on the ocean was there was a lot of beach to mope on, and Romeo was prepared to take full advantage of it.

He might just dive into the water and not come back up. That was seeming the attractive option, then.

And someone approached. )

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Saturday night had been for the wedding feasting, which had passed uneventfully, save a few harsh glances and harsher whispers. But Sunday after Mass, the time came to pay the piper. And so Romeo ascended the elevator to his father's office with a heavy heart. He thought he knew what would happen, and, while he'd dreamed of being summoned home, he never thought it would be like ... so.

Clasping his hands behind his back, he nodded to his father and cousin. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

And his father answered... )

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Romeo's suit had been forcibly straightened before he entered the room, and his hair was combed back. Other than the tender new bruise on his jaw, he looked entirely reputable, if quite obviously nervous about the Capulets on the other side of the table.

"Must they be here?" he asked his lawyer, in a whisper. "I knew that not."

And his lawyer answered... )

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Romeo had all but quit talking as he drew closer and closer to the banquet hall, and his jaw was set at an odd angle, half suffering, half determined. "Thou needst not go with me," he told Yurika as he steered a rented car into the parking lot.

He might have said that about 15 times.

At the party. )

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Coming back from an errand, Romeo was surprised to notice a large letter from Verona among his post. When he heard from home -- which was rare -- it was almost always either a phone call from his father (to make sure the boy hadn't done anything stupid) or an IM from Balthasar (likewise.)

Curiously, he opened the envelope, almost smiling when he noticed the letter wrapped around an inner envelope was in Balthasar's familiar precise handwriting.

The smile faded, than died, as he read the note, and turned into an outright scowl when he ripped into the other letter.

Then he was off his bed and throwing things into a suitcase. He'd figure out how to get to Verona once he was at the airport.

As he was packing )

Nathan Petrelli's Office

Nathan had an entire summer session of lesson plans to go over. So he was in his office making sure his notes read the way he wanted them to.
He also got a visitor. )

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