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As bad idea marriages went, it was saying something that marrying Angela was actually only the second worst nuptial idea Romeo'd had in his young life.

At least no one was likely to die this time?

Not that he was thinking about that, or about much of anything, really, beyond "champagne bubbles FUN" as he stumbled over to the counter, Angela beside him, and started trying to fill in the paperwork.

"Angela, darling, dearest bride, how do you spell Montenegro?"
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After an afternoon drinking by the pool and an evening watching a movie and doing some more drinking, Romeo tried to make his slightly addled way back to his cabin. Somehow, stumbling turned into bumbling turned into being on the bow, at the base of the mast.

Romeo looked up. And up. And then he started to climb until he was as high on the bow as he could get. The view from that vantage point was so breathtaking, there was only one thing Romeo could say:


And then there was rather a lot of hooting and whooping as the very patient cruise staff started to try to coax him down.

[OOC: People are ENABLERS. Totally open for reactions, and yes, he is a dork.]
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After Round 10 of I Never -- a game he was, again, swearing he would never play again -- Romeo lead Yurika into the hotel room bathroom.

It was far from the setting he had imagined for this, but it was nearby, and he wasn't sure he trusted his slightly drunken legs to carry him much further. And at least there would be people to intervene if she tried to kill him.

"I meant to tell you," he began, without preamble, leaning against the cool tile.
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Romeo sat cross-legged on his bed, still dressed in the loose pants and t-shirt he had slept in. His laptop was open in front of him, and he kept toggling between an email he was trying to write to Benvolio ) and sites advertising spring break deals in Miami.

He wasn't sure he would want to stay in the kind of hotel that advertised beer pong as an activity, even if it was only $49 a night.

[OOC: Door closed, post open.]


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