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As a bit of an apology for going through with three-minute dates the day before, Romeo had prepared a vat of fruit salad for the rabbit who had once been and would hopefully one day again be his girlfriend, and she happily munched it as he flicked on his laptop to check his email.

Most of it was of little enough interest, but there was one message from his father )

Romeo reread it a few times, considering his options and wondering if a rabbit might be welcome, before typing out a reply to the effect that he would come on Wednesday were it at all possible. He had no great love for Montague Holdings, but he knew he was being offered more than a job. He was being offered forgiveness.

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Alea was not happy.

The lady who usually fed her was missing, there was some idiotically cheerful rabbit who kept trying to play chase with her, and that boy who was supposed to feed her now, why, he kept forgetting for hours and hours.

Which was why the white cat twined around Romeo's leg as soon as he walked into the cabin. More food, please? Now? She would mrrrrowl at him until he agreed.

He crouched to scratch at her head. "Did I feed thee this morning?" he wondered aloud; realizing from the further twining that the answer was that he had not, he went to retrieve the cat food and found the container closest to Alea's bowl empty.

Well. That was a complicating factor. He looked at Dojima. "I don't suppose you remember where you keep the spare cat food." Perhaps it was an answer, or perhaps it was just a game, but the rabbit seemed to sigh, then bounded under the bed in her usual alcove, Romeo following.

He found dust-- though not much -- a few stray socks, a bag of cat food, and what looked like a large black briefcase.

Before he could consider the possible invasion of privacy, he pulled the case out, straining a little with the surprise of the effort. It was much heavier than it looked, and had an odd keyless lock that would not open for him, no matter how he prodded at it. The whole thing seemed to be higher technology than he was used to.

Jewelry, perhaps? But he knew that was where it always was, and she wouldn't have anything truly good in the cabin regardless. And he doubted she would be so obvious about it if she were trying to circumvent the weapons ban.

It was a minor mystery, and one the rabbit (who was now head-butting his thigh) seemed unlikely to help solve. It would have to wait, then, until his girlfriend was human again.

With a shrug, he shoved the case back into place and went to feed the cat.

[OOC: Discovery made with permission of [livejournal.com profile] dojima_hime. That he's under her bed is fine, but what he found is NFB. Establishy but can be open to cabinmates. ]
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Romeo was sprawled on his bed writing in his poetry journal, and wondering if bunnies could read.

Of course, the bunny his girlfriend had become had chomped through half a bag of pretzels, curled up in a little shoebox nest he had made for her and gone to sleep, so the point was moot. But it was still something to ponder.

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Romeo lay on his bunk, staring at the ceiling as he contemplated what had happened the day before.

It was sudden, and probably Yurika and Rikku were right that it was a bad idea. But he could not deny he had meant what he had asked, even as some tiny part of him was grateful to be turned down. He just hoped it would not come at the cost of Yurika's life, or what freedom she had.

He was not, however, grateful the whole mess had made radio, and hoped Yurika had forgotten to listen.

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