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As bad idea marriages went, it was saying something that marrying Angela was actually only the second worst nuptial idea Romeo'd had in his young life.

At least no one was likely to die this time?

Not that he was thinking about that, or about much of anything, really, beyond "champagne bubbles FUN" as he stumbled over to the counter, Angela beside him, and started trying to fill in the paperwork.

"Angela, darling, dearest bride, how do you spell Montenegro?"
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Romeo lay on his bunk, staring at the ceiling as he contemplated what had happened the day before.

It was sudden, and probably Yurika and Rikku were right that it was a bad idea. But he could not deny he had meant what he had asked, even as some tiny part of him was grateful to be turned down. He just hoped it would not come at the cost of Yurika's life, or what freedom she had.

He was not, however, grateful the whole mess had made radio, and hoped Yurika had forgotten to listen.

[OOC: For one then two, please. And is this icon not crazy hot, even if he is too old in it?]


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