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After classes, Romeo collected Reno from Rikku and went to see what kind of mischief he could find with a wee, cheerful red chocobo as a companion.

Unfortunately -- or perhaps not -- he wasn't actually in an especially mischievous mood. So, after a stroll around the campgrounds, he settled in his new cabin's living room. For some reason, there was horse racing on one channel; the Reno bird chirruped so loudly at it that Romeo decided it was a sign.

He quickly found himself loudly arguing with the bird over who would win the first race. "Mystic Plans Dancer has a much finer form than Killjoy Was Here," he pointed out.

"WARK!" was Reno's only response, but he sounded quite vociferous about it. (Or, he did until he got distracted by some scrap of food on the floor, baby chocobo attention spans being what they were.) And, sure enough, Killjoy won.

Grinning, and occasionally letting the bird nuzzle his fingers, Romeo settled in to watch the next race.

[OOC: Open to cabinmates though I'm off for a few hours and I'm here. Reno modded with permission.]
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Romeo had washed his face all but raw, but there remained a blue coating over the pink flesh. Finally giving up, he tossed his washcloth to moulder in the pile of laundry and took a seat on his bed, absently sipping from a mug of coffee (no tea, thanks, possibly ever) as he thought over his wonderful-horrible last week.

Linkdrop sez what? )

[OOC: Door cracked and knockable, and of course open to Teyla.]
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Romeo spent the hours around lunch fighting with the washing machines. Rather proud of himself for only turning half the whites gray -- and for having the patience to keep from tugging the sodden clothes out of the dryer too early -- he carried the laundry bag of clean clothes up to his room, dumped it at the foot of his bed, and called it good before turning on his laptop.

And then he wrote an email home (that, not so coincidentally, looked much like a linkdrop) )

The door was open.

[OOC: Oooooopen.]


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