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Romeo probably should have been sleeping in. After all, he didn't have to go to detention this week (and the king-quest-newt thing was still weird, no matter how he thought about it).

But for no particular reason he was up early, reflecting on his week as he flipped through a certain notebook. He'd spent some quality time with Yurika, helped dress Rikku twice (in a not-dirty way), gotten killed at paintball, discussed ladies and tigers in ethics class, and encountered (and mocked, and danced with) girls-who-were-boys.

He was glad, too, that things seemed to be going better for certain friends.

Most of the vocabulary in the notebook, like that in the book he'd found at the library, struck Romeo as useful but boring, but he smiled when he found one phrase and read it aloud slowly. "Kimite hontoni kirei dane."

Starting with compliments never hurt.

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Returning from town with his pudding, Romeo flopped on his bed and tried to read and eat his pudding, ignoring Reynaldo's cries. Being a fake father was exhausting; he had no idea how anyone managed without a nanny.

Romeo was almost able to tune out the little droid, but something else in the room -- something small and green and with sharp teeth that lurked under the bed -- was not. It lunged at the reading boy and nipped him on the ankle, perhaps to say "Pay attention to your fake kid, numbskull."

"YOUCH!" Romeo hopped off the bed, pudding cup clattering to the floor. As he rubbed his ankle, the snack came into sharper and sharper focus.

The problem was not the stinging ankle.

The problem was that he wanted -- no, needed -- more pudding.

A lot more pudding.

$240 worth, to be precise.

And then he could shake his groove thang.

"You know what we need, Barry?" "Levon" asked the suddenly quiet droid, who to him looked like his partner in pudding loving. "We need to go find us more pudding. We are facing a serious pudding shortage, aww yeah."

He stuck the pudding cups into the pocket of the velvet blazer Romeo conveniently had in his closet, took Barry by the hand, and went off in search of a place to cook. And then chill.

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