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Romeo was getting married.

Romeo was getting married, and maybe it wasn't the first time but it was the first time he understood what he was doing.

Perhaps that was why it was the first time he'd been nervous.

He paced around the spot on the beach that would be their chapel in his bare feet and wedding suit, occasionally pausing to make small talk with Balthasar or Miho or the priest. His mind wasn't in it; all he wanted was his Yurika.

And then their lives could start.

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Romeo and Dojima had skipped Homecoming this year. He had a paper due, she had work, and it hardly seemed worth the trip when so few of their friends seemed likely to make it. They'd get back to Fandom some other time.

Of course, the Nothing didn't especially care about their travel plans. It dipped its fingers down, brushing them against Verona Beach before whispering away again for now. As it happened, it arrived on a day when Romeo checked in with his cousin.

He got off the phone.... )

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In honor of the double occasion of Valentine's Day and his two-year anniversary, Romeo had tried to find the absolute best restaurant in Tokyo.

He'd quickly given up on that, and had settled for a reservation for a very good room at a very nice hotel. The in-room table was covered in room service trays, and there were roses in every possible nook.

Never let it be said that Romeo didn't do romantic holidays with a vengeance.

He checked his suit in the mirror one last time and sat to wait for Yurika.

Yurika, for her part.... )

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Romeo's nineteenth birthday started with a package from his father containing a collection of Lord Byron's works, a dagger that was about twice as elaborate as anything Romeo had any business carrying, and a letter that suggested -- in a polite, backhanded, and elaborate way -- that Romeo was missed and should make it his business to visit Verona sooner rather than later.

There was also a large box of chocolates. They were good. Romeo ate the caramels as his breakfast. He should have been reading about the equilibrium point in supply and demand, but that kept turning into perusal of the poetry. Really, the poetry struck him as more relevant.

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Romeo's college required he take a business ethics course. It wasn't such a bad idea, really. In Verona, showing up with a few bodyguards and asking pointed questions about how attached a rival was to his cars was considered a reasonable opening salvo. He flipped through the text with a highlighter in hand, occasionally shooting worried glances at the door.

Yurika wasn't saying anything, but he could tell something at work was troubling her. A friend had died; that was as much as she'd told him, and that was worry enough.

He reread the passage on ethical hiring practices and hoped she'd be home soon.

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And so it was that after a good party, a last bout in the Salle, a frantic trip to the post office to send off most of his boxes (and why was overnight, cross-universe shipping to Tokyo so expensive? It was a good thing Romeo didn't care about money or he'd be rather peeved), a quick visit to the church where he never spent nearly as much time as he should, and a last mocha with extra chocolate sauce at the Perk, Romeo Montague came to wait for the portal that would take Yurika and him off to Tokyo.

He shifted his bags hand to hand a little impatiently. Mostly, he wanted all of this goodbying to be over. He'd miss everyone; he knew that. But having so many last things was wearing on him.

Homecoming wasn't so very far away, was it?

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It had been an interesting night last night in the common room, and a more interesting morning on the roof. The island was playing with Romeo's hormones, Ender said; Romeo wasn't honestly sure he would have figured out anything was especially wrong without that discussion.

For now, he was going to lie back on his bed with his journal, and will very hard that his girlfriend psychically sense his, ahem, time of need before he'd filled the whole thing with the sorts of odes to girls' hair he thought he had outgrown years before.

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Inside the hotel room, Romeo and Yurika slept the sleep of those with quiet(-ish) minds, aided by everclear in the punch and certain ... other ... get-to-sleep activities. In the midst of a dream, Romeo brought his hand to rest on the small of Yurika's back; that was as much movement as there was inside the room.

Outside the hotel room, a small blond boy and an even smaller blond girl were poking at the hotel room door and chattering in an excited mix of English and Japanese.

"Hana, remember, I showed you how to pick this kind of lock!" Kazuki Montague informed his sister. "You poke the pin, and you just jiggle."

Hana watched with wide eyes and fingers in her mouth. She was only three, and thought her eight-year-old brother was about the smartest person in the world.

As Kaz kept trying to pick the lock, his putative parents slept on. Kaz knew they'd be so surprised to see him again.

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Romeo had, it was true, said several times yesterday that he wouldn't go looking for a fight.

And he wasn't. Honest. But it was a rainy day, and there was a particular and rather inaccessible corner of the beach that he liked especially well when he was trying to write. He couldn't imagine many zombies would be out yet; if they were, he was armed.

Sitting on a rock, he stared moodily into the ocean and thought about death that was not death.

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The weekend had been kind to young master Montague. There had been mud fights and muffins and even two birthday parties. And, when it got quite terribly late -- 9 o'clock at least -- he drifted back to his room with Yurika by the hand. They watched cartoons until they fell asleep on the bed like a pair of puppies, TV still droning away.

When Romeo first woke up on Monday, it took him a moment to feel as if anything beyond gratitude to be his proper size again, followed by annoyance at the grit of mud behind his ears and in other places his five-year-old self had forgotten to wash. He'd seen that shock of blonde hair in the morning many times.

Then he realized he hadn't so much, lately. Drawing away to get a better look, he held his breath. He was going to savor these moments until she (perhaps inevitably, he thought) made her excuses and left him alone again -- or at least tried to.

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After work -- and the shop really couldn't close too soon for his tastes -- Romeo made a quick stop at Taste of Thai for takeout, then dashed back to his room. He neatened things, just because he liked to live in hope, before going up to the roof and arranging a picnic blanket, iPod and speakers, and the food.

And then there was nothing to do but dress himself (dress shirt, suit jacket, no tie, and he actually brushed his hair so it would stay out of his eyes) and collect his lady.

He drew a deep breath as he tapped on the door of 503.

[OOC: For the girl. Note, the roof is a public space but Romeo will oh-so-cleverly put a sign on the door when he and Dojima get there.]
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After an afternoon drinking by the pool and an evening watching a movie and doing some more drinking, Romeo tried to make his slightly addled way back to his cabin. Somehow, stumbling turned into bumbling turned into being on the bow, at the base of the mast.

Romeo looked up. And up. And then he started to climb until he was as high on the bow as he could get. The view from that vantage point was so breathtaking, there was only one thing Romeo could say:


And then there was rather a lot of hooting and whooping as the very patient cruise staff started to try to coax him down.

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After talking to Edward and fighting a whale in management class, Romeo went back to his room to lounge on his bed with his Japanese notebook.

He was trying very hard not to think about ... well, about anything he and Edward had spoken of. It had been an unsettling conversation.

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Romeo hated words today.

Actually, Romeo hated a lot of things. Graduation. His utter feeling of impotence in light of Reno's choices. Having lost his Super Bowl bet. But the main thing he was hating, right then, was words. They seemed to just create traps for him, and he hated them with the intensity of a spurned lover.

So he was going to try to find Yurika after Heroing, and not use any words for a while. He tapped impatiently on her door.

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Romeo had plead a headache to stay home from Cal's party the night before, and Yurika had been too excited to do more than a little concerned clucking before heading off for ice cream. But in truth, he had been busy with some private preparations for the morning. It was, after all, a rather important day.

Once he woke up, he slid out of bed taking care not to dislodge Yurika from where she lay, still asleep. He kept things simple; an enormous fan of blood-red roses in the bed beside her, fresh orange juice and champagne for mimosas, chocolate croissants from J,GOB's, and coffee bubbling away. Finally, Romeo put a folder of some papers on the bed beside her.

And then there was nothing to do but watch her sleep and hope she woke up before impatience killed him.

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It took him two weeks, but it finally occurred to Romeo that the second, now-empty bed in the room was ripe for appropriation. He'd procured some king-sized sheets and spent the evening shoving the beds together and the rest of the furniture around, trying to make the room seem as large as possible.

Of course he managed to drag one of the desks directly over his big toe. He cursed loudly as he sat on the bed and removed his sock to examine the digit.

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En los Bosques de Palermo )

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Romeo dreamed of Juliet often. Sometimes she kissed him tenderly. Sometimes she slapped his face. Always he awakened from these dreams with a melancholy settled over him.

When he first woke up Monday, then, he thought he'd had an unusually long and vivid version of such a dream.

Nay, that wasn't so, he knew, as soon as he sat up. He wouldn't feel so sick were it only a dream. And, distracted by his own life, he'd not heard radio or noticed the other oddities around town.

The truth to him, then, was simple: He'd broken Juliet's heart. She'd come back, against so many odds and across so many months, and he'd been unable to offer her the love he had once promised.

He wasn't leaving his bed.

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After physics, Romeo went back to his room and started the much-slower-than-usual process of taking off his shoes. He hadn't realized how much he needed both arms until he lost the use of his left to a bullet-shattered shoulder; getting dressed was slow agony, and he hadn't even tried to move his arm for anything else.

Still. He supposed he could only be grateful it wasn't worse. Tybalt was gone (and dead again, or so Romeo hoped); Romeo was alive. That might be the best he could ask for, and a few days in the clinic and the frustration of healing a minor price to pay given how much dearer the cost could have been.

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A duel, then. )

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