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After work -- and the shop really couldn't close too soon for his tastes -- Romeo made a quick stop at Taste of Thai for takeout, then dashed back to his room. He neatened things, just because he liked to live in hope, before going up to the roof and arranging a picnic blanket, iPod and speakers, and the food.

And then there was nothing to do but dress himself (dress shirt, suit jacket, no tie, and he actually brushed his hair so it would stay out of his eyes) and collect his lady.

He drew a deep breath as he tapped on the door of 503.

[OOC: For the girl. Note, the roof is a public space but Romeo will oh-so-cleverly put a sign on the door when he and Dojima get there.]
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Romeo probably should have been sleeping in. After all, he didn't have to go to detention this week (and the king-quest-newt thing was still weird, no matter how he thought about it).

But for no particular reason he was up early, reflecting on his week as he flipped through a certain notebook. He'd spent some quality time with Yurika, helped dress Rikku twice (in a not-dirty way), gotten killed at paintball, discussed ladies and tigers in ethics class, and encountered (and mocked, and danced with) girls-who-were-boys.

He was glad, too, that things seemed to be going better for certain friends.

Most of the vocabulary in the notebook, like that in the book he'd found at the library, struck Romeo as useful but boring, but he smiled when he found one phrase and read it aloud slowly. "Kimite hontoni kirei dane."

Starting with compliments never hurt.

[OOC: Mostly linkdrop but door closed, post open.]
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Romeo Montague lit a final candle, moved it ever so slightly, and grinned at his handiwork. A card table made a fine place to dine on takeout Chinese food, if it was on a roof and bedecked with a tablecloth and candles, and a small rug could serve as a dance floor. And for his orchestra, he had iTunes playing a stream of slow, jazzy music.

He considered the problem of invaders from the door to the roof, and, regretfully, decided he couldn't lock or block it. But he could have a sign at the ready to post as soon as Yurika arrived.

[OOC: For one, though the door is not locked. Up early for slowplay.]


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