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Veteran's Day wasn't a holiday in Japan -- and neither, despite his wishes to the contrary, was Romeo's 20th birthday. The result was that he had to sit through a dismal economic theory lecture, and a slightly less dismal hour discussing the history of Enlightenment philosophy.

He came home to find a large box from Verona, and ripped into it to find a handsome suit with a note from his father referring him to a tailor a few wards over. Benvolio, for his part, had tucked in a miniature billiards game and a bottle of good wine.

Romeo shucked his coat and modeled the new jacket in front of the mirror, reflecting that this wasn't a bad way to start his third decade.

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Romeo's nineteenth birthday started with a package from his father containing a collection of Lord Byron's works, a dagger that was about twice as elaborate as anything Romeo had any business carrying, and a letter that suggested -- in a polite, backhanded, and elaborate way -- that Romeo was missed and should make it his business to visit Verona sooner rather than later.

There was also a large box of chocolates. They were good. Romeo ate the caramels as his breakfast. He should have been reading about the equilibrium point in supply and demand, but that kept turning into perusal of the poetry. Really, the poetry struck him as more relevant.

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