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Things had gotten worse, and quickly, since Romeo and Dojima had the time to chat on Twitter a mere day before. In the end, it had come down to the two of them. The other Hunters had forgotten the missing the moment they had removed their Orbo pendants and the malicious magic of the Nothing had eased into their minds and taken their memories before taking their existence. Now there were two. Romeo and his Yurika -- his lily -- both with guns drawn, attempting to hold the line between the encroaching darkness and the fleeing citizens of Tokyo.

We defy you, stars. )

But a kiss was a better epitaph for the two of them than poetry or prose, and Yurika reached up to wrap her arms around him and match him, passion-for-passion. Fuck you, end of the world. She had something better to do.

They had not broken their last embrace as the black swept over them, ending all the poetry and prose and everything else that had filled their days.

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Romeo's nineteenth birthday started with a package from his father containing a collection of Lord Byron's works, a dagger that was about twice as elaborate as anything Romeo had any business carrying, and a letter that suggested -- in a polite, backhanded, and elaborate way -- that Romeo was missed and should make it his business to visit Verona sooner rather than later.

There was also a large box of chocolates. They were good. Romeo ate the caramels as his breakfast. He should have been reading about the equilibrium point in supply and demand, but that kept turning into perusal of the poetry. Really, the poetry struck him as more relevant.

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Romeo wasn't a girl anymore, and Monday meant that Yurika's need to at least put in a guest appearance at her office put an end to their Romeo-isn't-a-girl-anymore celebrations.

So he'd gotten out of bed, gone to the bookstore to get his textbooks, stopped at a noodle bar for lunch, and was now back home. There was nothing on television except a cartoon about pixies who solved teenager's romantic problems, and that was a little sappy even for Romeo. He turned the TV off and started copying kanji out of his beginner's penmanship book.

He had lovely handwriting when he was writing English. The problem was getting that to carry over.

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After talking to Edward and fighting a whale in management class, Romeo went back to his room to lounge on his bed with his Japanese notebook.

He was trying very hard not to think about ... well, about anything he and Edward had spoken of. It had been an unsettling conversation.

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