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Or at least, everybody who will be in-game after May 4. Sniff.

Starting with the one who will be coming back this summer:

Name: Romeo Montague ([livejournal.com profile] withoutverona)
Age: 21
Canon: Romeo + Juliet. Postcanon
Hair/Eyes/Height: Blonde/blue/six feet even
Is on the island because.... His longtime girlfriend needs a break from Tokyo, and what better way to relax than by teaching at Fandom?
Five Nifty Facts:
1. I picked him up on a dare and now he's my longest-running character ever. Not sure what this says about me.
2. Has absolutely no special powers other than the power of emo, though he is pretty handy with a gun.
3. His default language is Shakespearean, of course, but he's been out of Verona long enough that he tends to speak mainly in standard modern English with a few extra poetic flights of fancy.
4. The events of his canon were several years ago. He'll mention them if they seem relevant, but he doesn't tend to lead with the tragic dead wife.
5. He will totally act without thinking a lot of the time, even though he's trying to be a role model now.

Name: Jack Priest ([livejournal.com profile] bitten_notshy)
Age: 20
Canon: New Amsterdam by Elizabeth Bear. Postcanon
Hair/Eyes/Height: Blond/blue/5'5"
Is on the island because.... he isn't, mostly. He's off in London working as a receptionist in a law office. But he comes back to visit a lot.
Five Nifty Facts:
1. Was born in Prague in December 1881. It's hard to tell this if he doesn't mention it specifically; Jack does not like to seem less than thoroughly au courant.
2. Spent about 12 years of his life as the ward and later lover of thousand-year-old vampire Sebastien de Ulloa, who stayed in 1902 after Jack's last canon catch-up and has now scuttled off for parts unknown until the last book in the series comes out.
3. Is, as of January, a werewolf thanks to a run-in with the ghost of one. (Really.) See the info post here. He is starting to hate it a little less, but he's still pretty convinced it's a curse.
4. Other than the vampires and sorcerers and such, and the fact his world's version of America only became independent around 1903, his universe is remarkably like ours.
5. He and Emma Frost are once again boyfriend and girlfriend. Let's see how long they last this time. (And yes, Jack's bisexual. It seems to be remarkably common in his canon, so he doesn't typically slap a label on himself. Mainly, he is an enormous flirt.)

Name: Juliet Darling ([livejournal.com profile] twintuitionist)
Age: 17
Canon: Dirty Sexy Money. Precanon
Hair/Eyes/Height: (Dyed) Blonde/Brown/5'6"
Is on the island because.... She is starting her senior year!
Five Nifty Facts:
1. Like her brother Jeremy, she's not much good at thinking on her own; money tends to solve her problems.
2. She very much wants to be an actress. She's kind of terrible at it, but makes up for it by being dramatic in everyday life.
3. She's a bit of a spoiled ditz, but under that she's a sweetheart.
4. She thinks she has a psychic connection to Jeremy, though having been expposed to real psychics in Fandom makes her a bit less likely to mention this.
5. She misses New York tons and goes back to shop whenever she can.

Name: Tara Maclay ([livejournal.com profile] life_inshadow)
Age: 18
Canon: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. (Barely) precanon
Hair/Eyes/Height: Dark blonde/blue/5'4"
Is on the island because.... She just graduated! She'll be working in the Magic Box and TA'ing while she waits to move to UC-Sunnydale and start her path through canon.
Five Nifty Facts:
1. She's a witch, which in Buffy is trained, not inborn. More specifically, she's Wiccan: The show's loose on what that means, but basically it means she has some ethics about magic.
2. She is gay, and dated Kennedy for almost two years until they broke up how-has-it-been-most-of-a-year ago.
3. She dresses like was attacked by a roving band of hippies.
4. She reads auras.
5. Even though Fandom's loosened her up, she can still be incredibly shy.

Name: Tyrion Lannister ([livejournal.com profile] halfman_lion)
Age: 30ish-but-24-if-you-go-by-the-books'-timeline-but-he-so-does-not-look-24.
Canon: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice & Fire, with the TV series as primary because reading is haaard. Precanon.
Hair/Eyes/Height: Strawberry blond/blue/4'3"
Is on the island because.... he teaches! It gets him well away from his family.
Five Nifty Facts:
1. Because his brother is a knight and his sister is a girl, he has the right to inherit Casterly Rock and be Warden of the West. The chances of Tywin Lannister acknowledging this approach zilch.
2. He's incredibly grateful that people in Fandom don't remind him he's a dwarf every 30 seconds.
3. He reads damn near constantly, because he considers it his duty to keep his mind sharp. Also because he enjoys it.
4. He thinks the Internet is the best thing ever. Seriously, they will likely need to pry his laptop away from him when he leaves Fandom; he may just try to print out all of Wikipedia.
5. He has a huge soft spot for the broken, the misfits, and others in need of protection.

I'm Elisabeth, though most people are lazy and call me E. I am 33 and I live outside D.C. I'm usually around slowly during the workday, more quickly for a couple hours after 8, and spottily during weekends. I'm not great at initiating AIM chat, but I am always happy to talk. feel free to poke me with questions, plot ideas, comments, or random gifs.

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title or description

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What's that, we're posting cat gifs?

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I'm game.

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I will never object to a cat gif.


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