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So Gnomeo had promised not to leave Dojima. He meant it, too, and he spent Saturday reasonably happy as he rode about in her handbag.

But then he heard something on the radio about Juliet cheering on a squirrel race, and, well, he couldn't be blamed for deciding to escape and go find her after that. He was positive it was the right Juliet as soon as the broadcast called her adorable.

It took most of the day, and he almost got run over by a rickshaw twice and had to fend off a cat with a broken broomstick once, but in the end, he made it to the school gardens and spotted her. His Juliet. He approached her softly, calling her name, and she was beaming as she turned to him.

"I found you," he said.

"I wasn't lost," she teased, and reached for a hug. "I wasn't sure if you were here."

"I am," he said, folding her into his arms. "And now everything is all right again."

And it was.

[OOC: Featuring [livejournal.com profile] twintuitionist. Mainly establishy, but open if you want to stumble across a pair of lovey-dovey gnomes.]


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