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Gnomeo had never woken up inside a house before! This was incredibly exciting, even if he was a little perplexed that he couldn't remember exactly how he'd gotten here.

He eyed the human in the bed to make sure she was soundly asleep before noiselessly climbing down the sheet to the floor. He'd need to find his way back to the garden soon (and hopefully before anyone realized he was missing), but right now the room was his.

He'd start by tracking down something to eat. There were some brightly colored plastic packages on top of a counter that looked promising...

Yurika Dojima

Yurika whined at the sound of someone shuffling around and pulled the pillow over her head. "Romeo," she whined, pulling at the blankets. "Come back to bed. It's cold."


The human was talking to him! (Also, had she called him by name?) Gnomeo let out a very quiet eep and struck a pose before freezing in place. Humans could never see him move.

So now if Dojima looked, there'd be a motionless blue-hatted gnome atop the mini-fridge, with one arm on the edge of a basket of snacks and the other in the air.

Yurika Dojima

The lack of an answer - when she knew he had not left the room - had Dōjima awake almost immediately as her training asserted itself, rolling out of bed and dropping to the floor in a smooth motion as she pulled her Walther out from behind the headboard and flipped the safety off.

"Aijin?" she called sweetly, using the various mirrors in the hotel room to try and scope the space. "Doushitano? Romeo genki?"

....was that a gnome on top of the mini-fridge? She was rather sure that had not been there before.


Yes. Yes, it was a gnome, whose eyes widened a bit when he realized the girl had a gun.

He stayed still otherwise, and hoped she'd look away. he expected she would: Humans usually weren't too interested in the details of lawn ornaments.

... or, in this case, minifridge ornaments.

Yurika Dojima

Of course the girl had a gun. Didn't all the trendy girls on Fandom Island carry firearms?

...don't answer that.

Deciding the room was secure, Dōjima inched out from behind her cover, climbing to her feet and letting the Walther drop to her side - although she did not put it down. Hunter. Not Stupid.

She padded over to look out the window, sparing a glance for the mystery gnome on her way. "Ano, gnome-kun, you have not seen my Romeo, have you?" she asked, half to herself as she peered outside.

No, no Romeo there, either, and she huffed in frustration. "Ehhhh, this is supposed to be a vacation!" she complained, wandering back in and reaching over to pick up the gnome with her free hand. "Are you supposed to be a clue or something?"


This would be so much easier if she would stop talking to him -- he really wanted to answer, just so he could tell her he had no idea what she was talking about.

Gnomeo tried to hold very still as the girl picked him up. He wasn't especially successful; he was ticklish, and he couldn't entirely avoid squirming in her hand.

Yurika Dojima

Not going to scream at the wriggling gnome, not going to scream at the wriggling gnome, going to scream at the wriggling gnome...

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie! Peeping tom!" she yelled, scowling down at it. "As if a girl doesn't have enough to worry about with gremlins. What did you do with my boyfriend?!?"


"I didn't do anything with him!" Gnomeo blurted without thinking, then flushed at his mistake.

"I mean ... I'm just an innocent decorative garden gnome. You're probably hallucinating."

There. That should cover it.

Yurika Dojima

"My hallucinations usually include drugs, nudity, and dancing elephants. Not British-sounding lawn ornaments," Dōjima retorted. "Spill, you little oni. Who took Romeo?"

Because it was highly unlikely her poet would leave the bed willingly at this early hour, at least not without leaving a note.


"No, really, I'm a very dull hallucination," Gnomeo persisted. "Can you at least put me down? I can't have a rational conversation while you're tickling me."

He sighed. "I don't know any Romeo, either way. I'm Gnomeo."

Yurika Dojima

"Gnomeo. You have got to be kidding." Dōjima wasn't half as air-headed as she pretended to be for work, and this was too much of a coincidence for it to be anything but Fandom Whimsey at work. "Let me guess...you're seeing a girl named Juliet, only your parents aren't too thrilled about the concept?"


Gnomeo perked up at that. Even his hat looked straighter.

"Yes! Because she's a red and I'm a blue. Did you see her?"

[OOC: Preplayed with the beautiful [livejournal.com profile] dojima_hime. To be continued in the comments!]
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