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Romeo and Dojima had skipped Homecoming this year. He had a paper due, she had work, and it hardly seemed worth the trip when so few of their friends seemed likely to make it. They'd get back to Fandom some other time.

Of course, the Nothing didn't especially care about their travel plans. It dipped its fingers down, brushing them against Verona Beach before whispering away again for now. As it happened, it arrived on a day when Romeo checked in with his cousin.

He got off the phone with Benviolio and wandered back into the living room to flop into a chair and stare intently at Dojima, willing her to look up from her reports.

"Darling, I don't want to alarm you, but I may be going completely mad."

"Nani?" she asked, glancing up slightly. "I thought all poets were madmen."

"Of course, but more mad than usual," Romeo said airily. "Perhaps it was just a fancy of an idle brain, but -- I would have sworn to having seen Benvolio wed."


"We did," she said, giving him a funny look. "I even went to Mass, and didn't even giggle once."

Having just come off of work, Yurika didn't realize her Orbo pendant was still tucked under her sweater. She'd started wearing it home, given her team's propensity for getting in to scrapes, and only ever took it off to shower or sleep.

Nor was she aware of how its green color had shifted, as it always did when warding its mistress from malicious magic.

"Everyone in town was either seriously impressed or disappointed in us."

"That's what I thought," Romeo said, half relieved and half …. he didn't know what. "Ben acted as if he didn't know what I spoke of. "

"Is new fatherhood impairing his memory that much?" she asked dryly. "It's not as if the baby has even been born yet. Perhaps his wife is keeping him running in circles."

Romeo tilted his head at her; he hadn't forgotten Rosaline had been pregnant, exactly, but he'd lost track of it for a moment. He wouldn't have remembered if Dojima hadn't mentioned it. He was getting old.

"Maybe they had a fight and he's pretending," he suggested. "He's a Montague. Dramatic gestures run in the family, ne?"

"Dramatic is one word for it," she teased, sticking her tongue out at him.

"Hush, woman," Romeo ordered, not really that sternly at all. "I'll let them have their spat, and check in a week or two to see if anything has changed."

[OOC: Preplayed with the beautiful [livejournal.com profile] dojima_hime. No icons because we're just that awesome. NFB, OOC and phone calls welcome!]


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