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At first, Romeo wasn't aware that anything was wrong when he came to awareness up on Saturday. It was a hotel bar -- he could tell that from the airy architecture, from the people in suits coming and going -- and those were not precisely foreign territory.

Though it was a bit odd that the few people whose eyes lit on him seemed to glare.

"Red wine," he requested from the bartender, then turned to survey the room more fully with his glass in hand. He was almost certain he was here to meet someone, even if he couldn't remember who.

Jim Hawkins
For somebody who was functioning in completely foreign territory, one really didn't have to look much farther than the fifteen-year-old boy who was picking his way to a seat at the bar in a daze. Jim had seen all sorts back home at his mother's inn, but the 'all sorts' that you'd expect to see in Montressor were more than a little different from the 'all sorts' that you'd find, say, on Earth.

"Red wine," he echoed, looking at the bartender with a slightly disoriented smile and trying not to look like he wasn't just saying the first order that he'd been able to make out around here from somebody who wasn't glaring daggers at him.

He was failing at that.

Romeo Montague
Romeo tilted his head toward the young man who seemed to be attracting as much negative attention as he was.

"They seem not to take well to visitors here," he observed in a low voice. "I'll not come again, will you?"

Jim Hawkins
Jim gave his head a shake, offering a little nod to the man that he was sitting beside.

"Not a chance," he agreed. "I'll make a point not to. I mean, just as soon as I figure out where here is."

It wasn't raining, so he was pretty sure they weren't in Tokyo, at least.

Romeo Montague
"A hotel," Romeo said, absolutely confident as he sipped his wine. "We are in --" And there he frowned, suddenly uncertain. "I was in Maryland," he finished. "But they've no hotel like this, or didn't the last I knew."

Jim Hawkins
"This is a hotel?" Please, pardon Jim's awed expression as he looked up and around the bar that they were sitting in, Romeo. The Benbow Inn had nothing on this. "I mean... It's not in Tokyo, either. It's been all rain and cyborgs since Fandom got there."

... The things that seemed normal to Jim were possibly not the same things that seemed normal to the rest of humanity.

Romeo Montague
"Tokyo?" Romeo seemed intrigued by that possibility. "I live there, though I've never met a cyborg. Did you follow me home?"

Because that made so much sense.

He pricked up his ears, trying to decipher the conversations around them. There was a shortage of people speaking Japanese, it seemed.

Jim Hawkins
Jim shook his head, looking around again.

"Pretty sure I didn't," he offered, frowning. "As much as I appreciate how much trouble there is to get into in Tokyo, I try not to make it a habit to follow total strangers home over the weekend."

Apparently he wasn't doing very good at it. But generally, he liked to think he was better about these things.

Romeo Montague
Romeo seemed to give this a great deal of thought.

"You might have followed me by accident," he said. "In truth, are you the type to walk about with your head and your feet in different places? It can lead you to far more trouble than Tokyo alone."

Jim Hawkins
"Not last time I checked," Jim sighed. "My head is usually pretty aware of where my feet are, and might even be taking notes about the scenery while its at it."

There was a glass of wine set down rather unceremoniously in front of him, and now even the bartender was scowling. Jim squirmed uncomfortably in his seat for a second, and then directed a scowl right on back.

"This is definitely new."

Romeo Montague
"And not to my liking," Romeo said dubiously. He glanced around the bar again, trying to see if he recognized anyone, and decided that he didn't.

No one obvious, anyhow, It was a bit hard to take a good look when everyone who met his eye gave him the kind of dirty look he associated with wandering into Capulet-claimed areas.

"I'm going to call my girlfriend and see if she can pick us up," he decided, patting his pockets for his phone. "We can't be too far from our apartment, and you can book a portal back to Fandom there."

Of course, it would be easier to do this if he wasn't rapidly realizing --

"I don't have my phone."

Jim Hawkins
"And I don't have one yet," Jim sighed, frowning as he picked up his drink and peered into it.

Yep. It was definitely red.

He didn't bother so much as trying it before he turned to the bartender again.

"I don't suppose maybe you could tell us where--" Uh. Wow. That look was positively homicidal. "Uh. Nevermind. Sorry."

Romeo Montague
This was positively grim.

"When men look at me that way," Romeo said, downing his drink and placing the glass back on the bar, "I try to make the peace if I can, or go elsewhere if I can't. I think now may be time to go elsewhere."

Jim Hawkins
"That sounds like a really good idea," Jim agreed, slinking backwards out of his seat and reaching into his pocket for some money to pay the bartender with.

When the look just worsened, Jim decided that maybe leaving the bar would be payment enough, and he started to inch off in whatever direction seemed to have the smallest number of people trying to burn a hole in his skull with their eyes.

Romeo Montague
Romeo followed him, keeping his head down and walking as quietly as someone who was six feet tall and wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt could manage.

It seemed to be working, but then his stomach was going a bit funny.

No, a lot funny.

He turned to his companion to ask an utterly insane question.

"Is the hotel moving?"

Jim Hawkins
Jim found himself leaning slightly to the right as he walked, frowning a bit. Keeping his balance was easy enough. After all, he was a surfer at heart and balance was a large part of the battle. But he wasn't exactly used to it while he was standing on the floor.

"It's tilting," he noted, glancing at his companion. "Like the building is leaning sideways or something."

Which buildings didn't tend to do even where he was from, no.

Romeo Montague
"But I've been in earthquakes, and they don't feel like this."

Romeo, for all the time he spent on the beach, was not much of a surfer; he had a harder time keeping his balance than Jim did.

So what he was going to do was find a water fountain that seemed to be solidly attached, wrap his arms around it, and hold on tightly. It looked silly, but it let him stay on one place.

Jim Hawkins
Well, for what it was worth, even Jim could appreciate that the angle had gone just a bit extreme. His boots slid across the polished floor a little before the place seemed to even out again.

"Okay. So, not an earthquake. But definitely moving."

Jim Hawkins, stater of the obvious.

Romeo Montague
Aye," Romeo said through gritted teeth. He dug in his feet a bit and tried not to float away from the water fountain. "Moving, as if it would take flight."

He gave Jim a slightly pleading look.

"What do we do now?"

Jim Hawkins
"We..." Jim reached out to brace himself against the wall. Even he wasn't too proud to admit that the place had gone just a little weird, here. "Find out where we are, and maybe figure out when hotels just suddenly started shaking around before losing their gravity, for one."

It was about the best he had so far.

"And I don't know about you, but if the gravity's been knocked out, I'm not about to go outside to try to do that."

Romeo Montague
"What, and fly off into a tree?" Romeo asked, clearly finding the very idea alarming. "No. At least here we're contained by four strong walls."

He braced himself more strongly against the floor in the vain hope that his feet wouldn't just fly up. "We ought to see if anyone else from Fandom is here, and introduce ourselves. I'm Romeo."

Jim Hawkins
"Jim." The younger boy offered Romeo a grin. He would have held out a hand, but the last thing they needed in zero-gravity was to end up flinging one another down the hallway by accident. "And I'm going to go ahead and guess that you haven't ever had to handle yourself without gravity before, huh?"

Just a wacky shot in the dark, there.

Romeo Montague
"Not in my memory," Romeo confirmed gingerly. "Why, is it a hobby of yours?"

He would feel lucky, if it was.

Jim Hawkins
"Actually, complete free-fall is a hobby of mine. Zero-gravity is more like a cultural thing."

So, even more lucky, see?

"Not that I experience it often, but I know enough to get by. Try not to press your feet too hard against the floor. However hard you press down, that's how much force you're being pressed up with."

He demonstrated with a little push of the hand that was against the wall, and found himself drifting until he could reach out and grab that fountain for a bit of stability, himself.

Romeo Montague
A hobby of his. Of course it was.

Romeo experimented, pressing down enough to let his feet fly up and cartwheel over his head. He laughed, half from fear, as he contorted himself in a more conventional posture.

"I see," he said. "And -- if I wanted to move down the hall, how would I do that?"

Jim Hawkins
"Kind of like that," Jim replied, biting the inside of his cheek to stifle a grin. "It'll work better if you find something on the wall to push off against, though. Less bouncing off the ceiling, that way. Can you get back down here to the fountain? Reach for my hand, and I can push you off in the right direction, if you want help getting your bearings."

There wasn't any sort of judgment in that. There was a first for everyone, after all. Especially people from Earth, who apparently didn't tend to go jaunting off into space for fun and profit.

Romeo Montague
Damned lack of space flight tourism; Romeo should have known it would come and hurt him sometime.

Nodding in concentration, he reached for Jim's hand and pushed. "Thank you," he said, trying for dignity. "This would be fun, if I understood it."

Jim Hawkins
"It takes practice," Jim offered as he caught Romeo's hand and pulled him back to the fountain. "I know people back home who still land on their behinds when the artificial gravity kicks in when they go sailing. You can't possibly be as bad as they are."

Of course, Delbert was kind of... Delbert. It would take effort to be as bad as Dr. Doppler.

"So, which direction do you want to head?"

Romeo Montague
"You say that, but watch me land on my ass the moment you let go," Romeo said philosophically.

He tilted his head back and spun a bit. "Up the stairs," he decided. "The rooms will be up, and there will be fewer people to give us evil looks in the halls there. Don't you think?"

Jim Hawkins
"That sounds like as good an idea as any," Jim agreed, trying to steady Romeo as best as he could without letting go of the fountain. "On three? One, two, and--"

He pushed. Not very hard, really, but it didn't take much to get a person going when there was only air resistance to slow them down. And a moment later, he pushed himself off to follow. At least that way, if Romeo started bouncing around, catching up in order to rescue the poor guy wouldn't be too difficult.

Romeo Montague
He had pushed, and (fumble that sent his elbow careening into a light fixture aside) Romeo floated toward the staircase, trailing an occasional stream of curses.

As long as they kept moving, he felt, they would be all right. Somehow.

[OOC: Preplayed with the winsome [livejournal.com profile] answer2bheard. NFB due to distance. To be continued.]


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