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Romeo was not precisely alarmed when he woke up, stretched out an arm for a lazy caress, and was rewarded with only an armful of sheets where his girlfriend should be. Sometimes she woke up early; sometimes she got called into work on weekends. Either way, it meant only that he'd have to get out of bed to figure things out.

The mound of pillows in the living room, however, was a bit of a surprise, and Romeo stood there blinking at it for a long moment.



"OHAIYO!" came from under the pile, and two little eyes peeked out from a 'window' of the fort. "Would you like to play castle with me?"


Well. This was not what Romeo had expected at all. Even after three years of dealing with Fandom, it still took him aback when it followed him home.

"Of course," he said obediently, crouching to peer into the window. "Why are you a child when I am not?"

Because clearly she'd know the answer.


"I am not a child!" came the shocked reply. "I'm a princess!"

...reason was not the strong suit of a weetiny Yurika, no.


"A very small princess!" Romeo argued, as reason was not always his strong suit either. "You were not so small when I saw you last. Perhaps you are growing down instead of up, and tomorrow you'll fit in a teacup."


There was a giggle from the princess. "I don't want to fit in a teacup!" she exclaimed. "I want to grow up and be a veterinarian and marry a prince!"


"A veterinarian?" Romeo asked. "If you're a princess and married to a prince, you should set your sights higher. You should be a queen."

Or a spy.


"'m gonna take care of animals and have horses and play with puppies!" she replied gleefully. "I'll be the queen veterinarian!"

The weetiny girl vanished into her fort. "Do you have waffles? I want waffles with ice cream."


"I can make waffles," Romeo said, grateful they had a box in the freezer. "The toaster kind will be all right, isn't it? And I know we have chocolate ice cream to put on them. And there should be a kitty about somewhere..."


"KITTY!" The tiny blonde shot out of her fort like a rocket, promptly looking under the futon and behind the tv for poor Alea. "Here kitty kitty kitty..."


Alea poked her head out and meowed. It was a confused meow. Usually blonde-girl-person was much bigger and not quite as energetic.

For his part, Romeo retreated toward the kitchen. "I'll start the waffles while you look for her."


"Hai," she replied absently, inching closer to Alea. "Hi kittykittykitty. Preeeeetty kitty."

Yurika probably would have been happy sitting on the floor, carefully petting Alea, if her phone hadn't cheerfully rung in her purse. "I'll get it!"


Romeo almost tripped over his own feet trying to intercept the purse before Yurika got to it. "Pray let me look first," he requested. "Not just anyone deserves a princess's attention."

And if it was her office, big-Dojima would probably not appreciate the explanations she'd have to make come Monday.


"No! My phone!" Yurika yelled, tiny legs scrambling to try and catch-up, little arms reaching to steal it from him. "Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!"

Lord help anyone trying to call the Montague-Dōjima house today.

[OOC: Open for phone calls, texts, random visits, etc.]
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